Specialty Programs

Hope Horizon Mental health has a board certified child psychatrist, licensed clinical staff, registered intern clinicians, student interns and trainees, and mental health rehabilitation professionals.

Full Service Partnership (FSP)

Full Service Partnership (FSP) mental health services offer a comprehensive and integrated approach to supporting individuals with mental health needs. These services provide a range of support services, including assessment, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, and community-based support. The focus of FSP is to assist individuals in achieving their goals and maximizing their level of independence and wellbeing. With a multidisciplinary team of mental health professionals, FSP services address not just the symptoms of mental illness but also the social, emotional, and practical needs of the individual. The goal is to provide a holistic and person-centered approach to mental health care, ensuring that the individual receives the right care, at the right time, in the right place.

Download the printable FSP brochure in English or Espanol.

Parent-Child Interaction Therapy/Parent-Child CARE (PCIT/PC-CARE)

In 2007, Hope Horizon Mental Health (formerly Tulare Youth Service Bureau) began the first Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT/PC-CARE) program in Tulare County. To date Hope Horizon Mental Health has 4 sites throughout Tulare County in the Cities of Tulare, Lindsay, Porterville and Dinuba. PCIT/PC-CARE is an evidence-based practice designed to improve the parent-child relationship, reduce negative and oppositional behaviors between children and parents, improve positive parenting skills and produce long-term positive outcomes for families. Wearing a hidden earpiece, caregivers are coached in positive parenting and setting into place consistent limits for young children. In partnership with UC Davis, Hope Horizon Mental Health has trained and certified numerous therapists in this practice, as well as trained staff at partnering agencies.

Download the printable PCIT/PC-Care flyer in English or Espanol.

Building Bridges – Perinatal Wellness Program

In partnership with Tulare County’s Public Health Department, HHMH has therapists working in the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) funded Perinatal Wellness Program (PWP). This program screens, identifies, and provides therapy and home visiting to pregnant and newly parenting mothers. During pregnancy and post-partum many women exhibit signs of depression beyond the well known “baby blues”. Those identified as at risk for suicide, developing ongoing anxiety and depression and/or an inability to bond with their baby, are referred and provided therapy.

This program is funded by Tulare County and is available to all who qualify, regardless of insurance status.

Download the printable Building Bridges brochure in English or Espanol.

First Episode Psychosis (FEP)

First Episode Psychosis (FEP) mental health services are specialized services designed to support individuals who are experiencing their first episode of psychosis. These services recognize the unique challenges and opportunities of the early stages of psychotic illness, and aim to provide prompt, effective, and evidence-based interventions. The focus is on stabilizing the individual’s symptoms, reducing the risk of future hospitalizations, and promoting recovery and a return to community living. FEP services typically involve a team of mental health professionals who work together to provide a comprehensive and coordinated approach to care. This may include medication management, individual and group therapy, case management, and support for education and employment. The goal of FEP services is to help individuals with psychosis receive timely and effective care, reduce the impact of the illness on their lives, and improve their long-term outcomes.

Download the printable FEP brochure in English or Espanol.

Out Loud

Hope Horizon is proud to support and continue to build upon our “Out Loud” peer-led support group for teens who identify as lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgendered or questioning (LGBTQ), have parents who are LGBTQ, or are supportive straight allies of this population at increased risk of mental health issues, suicide and bullying.

This group is FREE and open to the public! You do not have to be a client opened for services at Hope Horizon to attend. Thank you to the Tulare County Suicide Prevention Task Force for your partnership in funding this group!

Check out the News and Updates page for current group times.

Download the printable Out Loud flyer.

Equine Facilitated Psycho-Therapy

We are proud to partner with Happy Trails Riding Academy where we provide Equine Facilitated Pscyho-Therapy (EFP): a unique service that allows our clients to work with horses in addition to traditional talk therapy techniques. EFP is a form of animal therapy, which is a powerful tool for healing and recovery from physical, emotional, and mental trauma. Animal therapy can provide comfort and support during difficult times, and it can help create a sense of trust and connection with the animal. Animals can also be an effective way to help people learn new skills and engage in activities they may not have been able to do before. Please call us to learn more!

Countryside High School

Recognizing the need to build programs that integrate the educational and mental health needs of teens experiencing mental health challenges, in partnership with Tulare Joint Union High School District, HHMH supports Countyside High School. Countryside is a community day school placement option for students who need additional support and services to thrive in school.