Providing Hope to Children and Families

Hope Horizon Mental Health is a group of dedicated Mental Health Professionals whose mission is to provide hope and healing through mental health services to children, adults, and families.

How We Serve

Hope Horizon Mental Health, formerly Tulare County Youth Services Bureau (TYSB), is a community-based NPO serving Tulare County for over 50 years. The impact we make on children and families is our number one priority.

Cities Served in Tulare County
Clinical Staff Members
People Served
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40 Schools in Tulare County Served
Kids in Foster Care Served Per Year
Kids, Adults, and Their Families Per Year

Impact Stories

Who We've Impacted
“Hope Horizon has helped me so much”. When I started services, years ago, I was in a very bad place. I did not think I could become a better version of myself. I thought that the life I was living was just how it was supposed to be, but when I found out that I deserved better, that’s when I started to turn my life around. Over the span of 3-4 years I have learned so many things such as coping skills, and positive thinking. I am grateful every day for TYSB (Hope Horizon), and without it, I’m not sure how my life would have turned out. 
A 17-year-old female